Gli Uraniani

  • byGianni Gatti
  • Italy
  • 2014,
  • 25' (short)
  • RED Camera / BN
  • Produced byCombo Produzioni Srl

A well-known 1930s’ actress seeks a cure for her nervous condition at a remote beach location, hoping to escape the bright lights and the anxiety caused by her amorous feelings, as yet unexpressed, for her lady’s maid.
The arrival of an eccentric painter sheds light on the nature of the relationship between the two women. “The Uranians” explores the subject of homosexuality at a time before a homosexual identity had been established, when there was not even a generally accepted term to define such relationships. A time when this possibility was denied by books and films, as well as language. But not by life itself…

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Cast & Crew

  • DirectorGianni Gatti
  • StoryAntonio Cecchi, Gianni Gatti
  • ScreenplayAntonio Cecchi, Gianni Gatti
  • CinematographyAntonio Grambone
  • MusicPasquale Catalano
  • EditingSimona Paggi
  • CostumeLuigi Bonanno
  • CastSandra Ceccarelli, Pippo Delbono, Nina Torresi, Michele Di Siena