La voce di Berlinguer

  • byMario Sesti, Teho Teardo
  • Italy
  • 2013,
  • 20'
  • color
  • HD,
  • Documentary
  • Produced byCombo Produzioni Srl
  • Distributed byCinecittà Luce

“The Voice of Berlinguer” re-examines the personality and thinking of Enrico Berlinguer, one of Italy’s best-loved and respected politicians, in the run-up to the thirtieth anniversary of his death (1984). The film is also a reflection on the political scene of those days and the importance accorded to the spoken word, in a world as yet innocent of the dematerialisation of communication brought about by the Internet, and the present degradation of politics

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Cast & Crew

  • DirectorMario Sesti, Teho Teardo